Scooby Doo monster motives

My first Tidy Tuesday submission </>

These past few months I’ve been playing around a lot in RStudio.

I really wanted to get stuck into data visualization, so I figured the best way would be to challenge myself weekly with TidyTuesday, a weekly data project in R from the R4DS community.

So, here’s my first of hopefully many submissions. Luckily, I started off with a fun one - data from every single Scooby Doo episode and movie since 1969.
The dataset came from Kaggle, manually aggregated by plummye.

For this one, I wanted to see whether the motives changed for the Scooby Doo monsters over the decades using treemaps.

I also decided to try out gganimate for the first time with my treemaps - it’s a little hectic 😄.

What were the Scooby Doo monster motives over the decades?

Amy Mitchell-Whittington
Amy Mitchell-Whittington