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IMF says ignoring climate change will impact growth

Negative environmental impacts and health crises like Ebola are directly affecting the economy, whether anyone likes to admit it or not.

Traditional owners and WWF join reef partnership

Marine species protection along the Queensland coastline looks set to improve after a partnership between WWF and Traditional Owners was signed last week.

GC prawn farm switches to sustainable feed solution

The prawn industry is about to completely revolutionise the feed they use and a Gold Coast prawn farm is leading the way.

Senate deal a sigh of relief for Great Barrier Reef

National treasures like the Great Barrier Reef will remain unaffected for now following an agreement made between the Greens and other senators late September blocking Abbott’s ‘one-stop shop policy’.

Hunt's one-stop-shop a 'crying shame'

The federal government’s environmental one-stop shop policy is in its final stages of approval, but many doubt the ability of the Newman Government to properly manage Queensland’s national treasures.

Hilton removes 'man in grey suit' from menu

Hilton Worldwide has ceased all sales of shark fin in its hotels as of April 1, a decision that shows a growing trend towards more sustainable practises among big businesses.

Environmentally Speaking | Election Candidates

Blank’s environmental reporter Amy Mitchell-Whittington canvassed all the Gold Coast candidates to hear their stance on the environment. These were the responses she got.