Hot Ones

What's the average Scoville rating per season?

GPT Detectors

Are GPT Detectors bias towards non-native English writers?


A study into the treatment of scurvy in the 18th century.

U.S. Historical Markers

Tracking missing historical markers in the U.S.

U.S. Populated Places

This week's data is inspired by a honeymoon RV roadtrip!

Reported UFO Sightings in Australia

Seeing shapes in the Australian sky.

Food Insecurity in Mozambique and Tanzania

Getting back into the swing of things with a dataset from the Studying African Farmer-Led Irrigation (SAFI) project team.

Paralympians excelling in more than one sport

1980 had the highest percentage of Paralympic athletes who won medals in more than one sport.

Tug-of-War at the Olympics

Teams were made up of not just countries, but also police departments.

People living in severe, extreme, or exceptional drought in the western states of the U.S.

Looking at popluation numbers using a stacked area chart.