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A collection of stories I’ve created across different sites.


Five tips to help you find the best coworking space

There’s a coworking space out there for everyone. From virtual to communal, the world is your oyster when it comes to finding a space to work from.

Sustainable gift ideas from the Impact Hub Berlin community

A list of changemakers from within the IHB community who offer innovative, sustainable, and inclusive products and services that have a positive social impact on our world.

The little letter eraser

A history of the apostrophe.

Which vaccine passport apps will I need to travel?

Make your travel more streamlined by knowing which vaccination apps you might need on your next international trip.

The value of future-proofing your health

In a year of change and uncertainty, fitness companies are reinventing the way they do business.

Toothpaste, hand wash could be building ‘superbugs’, study shows

An ingredient found in thousands of personal care products, including some brands of toothpaste and hand wash, could be making certain bacteria resistant to antibiotics, a Queensland research paper has found.

Resident wins appeal against Toowong ‘champagne flute’ development

A Brisbane resident has won an appeal against the approval of a three-tower complex at the former ABC studio site in Toowong.

Sister of missing Night Raider fisherman ask why search didn’t start sooner

The sister of a fisherman who remains missing after trawler Night Raider lost contact off the Fraser Coast in November wants answers.

IMF says ignoring climate change will impact growth

Negative environmental impacts and health crises like Ebola are directly affecting the economy, whether anyone likes to admit it or not.

Traditional owners and WWF join reef partnership

Marine species protection along the Queensland coastline looks set to improve after a partnership between WWF and Traditional Owners was signed last week.

GC prawn farm switches to sustainable feed solution

The prawn industry is about to completely revolutionise the feed they use and a Gold Coast prawn farm is leading the way.

Senate deal a sigh of relief for Great Barrier Reef

National treasures like the Great Barrier Reef will remain unaffected for now following an agreement made between the Greens and other senators late September blocking Abbott’s ‘one-stop shop policy’.

Hunt’s one-stop-shop a ‘crying shame’

The federal government’s environmental one-stop shop policy is in its final stages of approval, but many doubt the ability of the Newman Government to properly manage Queensland’s national treasures.

Hilton removes ‘man in grey suit’ from menu

Hilton Worldwide has ceased all sales of shark fin in its hotels as of April 1, a decision that shows a growing trend towards more sustainable practises among big businesses.

Could sponsored vacations be a future WFH perk?

Sponsored vacations are the enviable future home office benefit.

Cut through the noise of NYC with these quiet spots

Finding a quiet place to do business in a noisy city like NYC can be a struggle. In fact, the biggest civil complaint in the city is about noise, year after year.

Environmentally Speaking | Election Candidates

Blank’s environmental reporter Amy Mitchell-Whittington canvassed all the Gold Coast candidates to hear their stance on the environment. These were the responses she got.

Goodbye first class, hello airport redesigns

Airport redesigns and the removal of first class are just a few changes predicted for the future of international travel, according to travel journalist Peter Greenberg.

How to improve your commute

Reclaim your mornings and improve your commute with a selection of these audiobooks and podcasts.

Safety strikes a chord | A refocus on travel in music

The music industry is evolving into the virtual space with safety now a top priority, says CEO and founder of indie label Heads Music Madeline Nelson.

The biggest loser of Australia’s gas shortage is the city that’s sucking it all up

Not that long ago, so many people were falling over themselves to get to Gladstone that the council was paying others to leave.

The shifting tides of coworking spaces

Here’s how coworking spaces have evolved over the years, why people seek them out, and the different ways you can be part of a coworking community – from memberships to rented workspaces.

VIDEO | A look at fish-free prawn feed

CSIRO’s Research Program Director of Integrated Sustainable Aquaculture Production Dr Nigel Preston on the developments of fish-free prawn feed.

Virtual volunteering | How to give back from home

Looking for something meaningful to do with your spare time? Give a virtual helping hand to these incredible worldwide organizations.